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Welcome to the campaign to design, construct and install a monument, dedicated to the naval and military heritage of HMS Vernon, in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Our fundraising effort continues apace, and we have now moved beyond the £220,000 milestone of monies raised towards the monument – our aim for 2016 is to significantly add to this sum in the coming year, to allow for construction of the sub-surface plinth and the scaled-version of the monument itself.

All donations are warmly welcomed and supporters are encouraged to browse our Shop pages for merchandise – all proceeds go towards the design, construction and installation of the monument. As a fully-registered charity, we can process Gift Aid certificates for all donations.This year we aim to hold two fundraising events: one in London and the other in Portsmouth to allow completion of the monument by September 2017.

2017’s aims: One plinth, two fundraising events and three new merchandise products!

Graphic impression of the Vernon Monument, in Gunwharf Quays, where it will be mounted (C) VMP

The fourteen-ton stone, bronze and steel above-water structure is a delightful design by renowned sculptor Les Johnson FRBS.  The monument depicts a Royal Navy Clearance Diver placing an explosive charge on a swept moored mine (sometimes referred to as a buoyant mine) which has become fouled on a wreck on the seabed.